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How to Write with Pressto 😃

In this article, you will learn about the features writers use to create masterpieces with Pressto!

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Welcome to Pressto!

Watch the video or read this article to learn about Pressto!

Let's Start with Pressto Tabs:


Gallery is where you can create your own Presstos. This is great for journaling or free-writing. Click "New Pressto" to start writing, or open an earlier draft to continue working on it.


The Assignments Tab is where you will find assignments your teacher sends you! Open an assignment to start writing.

Next, let’s take a look at where you do your writing in the Pressto Writing App:

Writing Plan and Blocks

See your Writing Plan and Blocks here. Drag a block into your document to start writing. Once you add the block, you can start typing in it. Drag an image block in to add an image.


Here you will see your teacher’s instructions for your assignment. Make sure to read them carefully before you start writing!

Blocks Outline

Here you can keep track of the Blocks you’ve used and see an outline of your writing. Click on a Block title to jump to that block.

Customize Text

Add Blocks to start writing. As you write, you can customize your font type, size, color, or highlight to make it your own!

Customize Images

Click on the Image Block to add an image. Then, you can adjust, rotate, replace, or remove the image. Adding images is a great way to enhance your writing.

Writing Buddy

Want some advice on how to make your writing stronger! Try asking Writing Buddy for Help!

First, select the block you'd like help on. Then, open the Writing Buddy and click “Give me a hint” to get a tip!

Signal Words

Signal words, or transition words, help you tell your reader what’s coming next. Add them to your writing and see them get checked off!

Important Words

Important Words are vocabulary words your teacher has added to the assignment to help you with your writing. Use them in your writing and watch them get checked off!

Word Count

Word Count lets you see how many words you’ve written in each Block and in your whole document.

Publish and Share

Celebrate and share your writing! Click "Publish" to get a link to share it digitally, or click "Print" to download and print it.

Now you're ready to write with Pressto! Have fun!

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