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Teachers can create assignments in any subject to engage and inspire students to write.

To create an assignment, fill in assignment details in the Assignment Creator.

Assignment Creator

In this page you will customize your assignment. You are able to create an assignment using your own prompt, or use the Assignment Assistant to generate ideas. Keep reading to learn about the features you see on this page.


Add a title for your assignment.

Writing Prompt

Here you can add a writing prompt or instructions for your students. You can type your own prompt directly in this field or use the Assignment Assistant to generate one using AI.

Assignment Assistant

Our generative AI tool, the Assignment Assistant, generates prompts based on the topic, grade level, and writing plan you select. In the Assignment Assistant, you can also generate vocabulary and spelling words, called Important Words, to go with your topic. Select the prompt and Important Words you’d like to use with your class.

Based on on your selections in the Assignment Assistant, the following information will be imported into the Assignment Creator:

  • Your selected writing prompt will appear in the Writing Prompts field

  • Your selected vocabulary and spelling words will appear in the Important Words field

  • Your selection of Writing Plan will fill in the Planning Block and Signal Words field

Starting Document

The Starting Document is the document that will be copied and sent to each student. Here, choose the document type for students. You can also customize it. For example, you may add text, images, or blocks to the Starting Document to support students. The edits you make to the Starting Document will be included when the copy is made for each student.

Planning Blocks

In the Planning Blocks field, add a Writing Plan to your document. Our Writing Plans are rooted in writing genres and text structures. Once you select your Writing Plan, specific Planning Blocks for your students will be added for your students to organize their ideas as they write. Planning Blocks are text fields that are added to a document to create structure within the students’ writing.

Additionally, selecting a Writing Plan at this step will populate a list of Signal Words, which you can toggle on and off in the Writing Assistance for Students section. Lastly, selecting a Writing Plan will attach a printable graphic organizer for that writing plan, which includes the Planning Blocks to provide visual support for structuring writing. Share this graphic organizer with your students as they plan their writing.

Writing Assistance for Students

Here, you can customize assistance for your students and select which features you would like to provide within the assignment. All features will appear on the right-hand side of the Student Writing Page.

  • Signal Words are transition words and phrases associated with the Writing Plan. They can only be turned on when a writing plan is added to the assignment.

  • Important Words are vocabulary words or phrases that are associated with the topic. You can add your own or generate them using the Assignment Assistant.

  • Word Count allows you to set a word count goal for your students. As students write this feature will display the number of words written overall and within each block.

Enter Student Preview

Enter Student Preview to see the student experience. Here you can view the selections you’ve made to see how they will appear to students, or make edits to the student writing app to add additional scaffolds for students.


When you’re ready, send the assignment to your students! Select the class you want to receive this assignment and assign. It sends to students right away, and also gives you a link to share with them directly. You can create a class from the Assignment Creator too!

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